The Fukuoka International Ballet Festival has its aim to enrich and stimulate the dance scene of Kyushu by providing opportunity to showcase internationally acknowledged Kyushu born dancers’ works, through “Performance” and also by holding “Workshops” for local students.

Having Fukuoka City –the largest city in Kyushu Island with the best accessibility from overseas– as a base allows us to hold a unique platform for Kyushu born artists to gather and introduce world-class choreographers’ pieces and also to share their experiences with their local audience and further ballet students within the parameters of an internationally recognized framework.



[Announcement for the Fukuoka Workshop 2017]
Since we have a high amount of applicants for the TB-A class we've decided on moving several students from group A to B.
We still have a limited amount of spots left for the TB-B class and accept participants of age 13 and above. For the regular ballet classes taught by John Cranko School director Tadeusz Matacz we still have availability in both group A and B.


The Busan International Ballet Seminar (B.I.B.S) and the Fukuoka International Ballet Festival have started a collaboration.
At the 2017 Workshop in Fukuoka we will have 11 students attent from Korea that will also attent the International Summer Workshop organised by B.I.B.S. We are looking forward to welcome them in Fukuoka!!


This summer we offer a 3 day workshop taught by Tadeusz Matacz, the director of the John Cranko School in Germany and Frank van Tongeren, principal dancer at the State Ballet of Georgia. The ballet class will be given by Tadeusz and technique and body conditioning class to improve your jumps and turns by Frank.
Please visit here for more info.


[Announcement for the Fukuoka Workshop]
We have decided to keep accepting applications for the workshop.
Even if you wish to apply on the day of the workshop itself you can do so at the entrance of the studio if there are still available spots.
You can now apply for 2 days, 1 day or one separate class.
Prices are: 2 days: 16,000円, 1 day: 9,000円, 1 class: 5,000円
Please call 092-751-8257 (10:00〜18:00 Mon-Fri) to secure your place.


[Students Only]
Special offer If you show your student card at the ticket stand in front of the entrance of the Symphony Hall in Acros Fukuoka or the Large Hall of the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center.
Seat B 6,000 JPY→3,000JPY!
*start only from 6pm
*on the day of the performance only


We have published our full program of our Gala Concert.
Please not that the 27th and 28th are slightly different!
》 27th of July at Fukuoka
》 28th of July at Kitakyushu


This is the updated version of the flyer!! Ticket information is here.

Gala concert_flyerGala concert_flyer_back


[Announcement] Due to an injury, Yolanda Correa will unfortunately not be able to perform at the Fukuoka International Ballet Festival Gala Concert. Sonia Vinograd will replace her and perform with Yoel Carreño. We are looking forward to welcome Sonia, a very young and talented artist!


[Announcement] Yuka Kawazu is pregnant!! The Fukuoka International Ballet Festival congratulates her, however this unfortunately means that she will not be able to perform this summer at our performances on the 27th and 28th of July.
Yuka will still be part of the festival by choreographing a solo on Damien Nazabal!


We have an article on FUKUOKA NOW.


The official website will be opening soon!